Anniversaries, Parties & Celebrations

At any special occasion having a performing magician is a no brainer. My magic will create numerous moments of “how did he do that?” and “Oh my Word!! that’s immense!!

What I do, depends on the party you’re having. Some examples would be, if you have lots of guests, mingling with them during drinks and bites and maybe moving from table to table if they’re seated for a meal. For smaller events, I can visit small groups, or sections of a large dining table between each course and follow up with am intimate cabaret show for everyone as a finale. I will talk to you about your needs once I know more about the timings, numbers and the venue.

At any special event (birthday, wedding or anniversary), I do have a special trick I take with me where the spectators create a special souvenir that they can keep so they’ll always remember. This will of course make your special celebration event even more memorable for everyone.

“Still astounded by the Angus Magic! A great way to start the party, everyone loved you, you are a very talented person”

Lesley Fleming - table magic at dinner party

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These sorts of events I am available for are:

• House parties

• Garden parties

• Restaurants

Other venues like: boats, caravan parks, picnics, clubs and bars, bowling alleys, etc. Events I’ve entertained at include:

• Birthday parties

• Anniversary parties

• Please see my wedding page specifically for those

• Graduation parties, new arrivals, new job and just fun summer parties.