If you are running a restaurant or a large dining venue, why not utilise my services during those frantically busy periods when pressure on your kitchen is immense and when you have larger parties.  That very difficult period between the starter and main course in particular when the waiting periods can occasionally become over long and suddenly your faced with some frustrated, hungry and irritated customers.  

I can help ease this tension and take the pressure off the kitchen and the waiting staff .  I will take the customers minds off their wait for food and treat them to a table magic experience they will never forget.  In no time, they will have forgotten that the main course took a little longer than normal to arrive and soon the guests will be giving you a 5 star on Trip Advisor because the magician added an extra dimension to their lunch or dinner.

Please see this testimonial from one of my very satisfied customers.


To Whom It May Concern

 I run a chain of restaurants that have art as the central theme.  We are called Steak of the Art and, as well as delivering great food and drink experiences, we also engage local artists to help enhance our customer experience.

We often have magicians in the business because they not only have an entertainment appeal but they also play a valuable role in helping the General Manager deal with busy periods in the day/week.  

Having a magician works because they have the personal approach and can get up close to customers and really engage with them.  For this reason, when we are particularly busy, the magician is able to help us manage time expectations.  If we know a table is waiting a bit longer than normal for their food we send the magician over to entertain them.  This keeps them focussed on the magic tricks rather than worrying about where their food is.  

This works very successfully in all our restaurants and can often mean the difference between an excellent trip advisor review and a poor one, if there are any unavoidable delays in service. 

I have seen Angus perform and can vouch for his expertise.  He is a very good close quarter magician, delivering tricks right in front of the eye which is just great for the restaurant environment and for keeping customers engaged.  He would be a great asset to a business looking to enhance the customer experience but also as a tool for managing busy periods.


Steve Bowen


Steak of the Art Ltd.