Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What sort of magic do you do?

I can perform close-up table magic, mingling, banquet tables, stage magic and cabaret.

What props do you use for your magic?

I specialise in a wide range of different props including; cards, coins, mind-reading, ropes, rings, sleight of hand, rubix cubes, fire and sponge balls, to name a few...

How far do you travel for gigs?

I have the use of a car and travel all over the UK to perform.

What are your rates? 

All costs and deposit etc. are covered in my Terms and Conditions available here

How does the booking process work? 

When I receive a booking, and am available, I will immediately reserve the date and send you an enquiry form to fill out. Once it has been emailed back to me, with all details of the booking, I will then send you a confirmation form and invoice to sign.  

What sort of gigs do you perform at?

I perform at a wide range of different events - weddings, corporate events, private parties, promotions, functions, media events and stage shows.

Do you perform at children’s parties?

Yes, I do magic for children, though do not specialise in young children’s parties. My magic performance is geared more towards children from 9 years upwards. 

What ages do you perform for?

Any ages from 9 to 100!  

Does your magic cater for large numbers of people?

I am comfortable performing to small crowds and large crowds. I regularly perform at weddings and balls catering for 200+ guests. The key is to provide me with as much detail as possible about your special event and then I can ensure that I can cater for everyone in the time allowed and really add to the success of your event. 

How long do you perform for?

My minimum booking time is one hour, and then it is up to you! It depends entirely on the type of event and what is required. 

What if we have to cancel due to unforeseen circumstances?

My cancellation policy is listed under my terms and conditions here.