Public Speaking & Autism Awareness

I am a regular speaker to charities, education authorities and health groups and am a non-executive director of the AOHNP (UK) where I have a role in talking about my own diagnosis of ADHD and Aspergers syndrome in 2011.  My talks focus on how it is possible to channel living with this diagnosis to positive effect and using it to follow your passion and to use it as a possible route to employment.  

In 2018 alone, I lectured in March at the AOHNP charity dinner in Birmingham alongside Nancy Doyle of the BBC’s Employable Me, I was a speaker in June at the Autism Show’s annual fair at the NEC and then in September spoke at COHNP (Confederation of Occupational Health & Nursing Practitioners) in Leeds.   My talks are a combination of my journey from a small child being bullied in South Africa (where I spent my childhood) and growing up my diagnosis to then discovering magic and the route map to becoming a magician and choosing this as my career.  I then entertain the delegates with some magic tricks making it an enjoyable uplifting, educational and entertaining experience for all.

Please contact me should you have any specific queries about this.